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In 2006 alone, Ray produced over $60,000 in first-year life insurance commissions.
Ray’s unique “in the field” experience explains his appeal to audiences nationwide. A widely recognized industry speaker and coach, Ray mixes a good dose of humor with real life examples to bring his individual coaching programs, as well as his training seminars—both in-person and by teleconference—alive.

The results speak for themselves: “Listening to you made me realize all the mistakes I’ve been making in selling life insurance to my clients,” is how one attendee put it. Another called Ray’s workshop “one of the best presentations on how to sell life to my P/C clients that I’ve ever heard in my 16 years in the business.”

On the multiline side, Ray’s clients include professionals from American National, Allstate, Farmers, and Nationwide. On the financial-services side, they hail from Lincoln Financial, New England Financial, Mutual of Omaha, and New York Life. For managers, Ray offers the inside scoop on what it takes to successfully recruit, train, and develop highly productive agents. For agents, Ray provides an immediate transfer of skills that they can use in their very next interview.

Ray stresses two essential elements needed to build a successful practice:
  1. getting in front of the right people
  2. knowing what to say when you’re in front of them.
But Ray doesn’t just tell you what you need to do; he shows you. As you’ve often heard, life insurance is an emotional sale, and Ray can show you how to create that emotion in your interviews by asking the right questions.

Ray personally trains agents on how to become a skilled interviewer - someone who asks open-ended questions and gets to a “feeling” level with a prospect. Ray also helps agents address those all-too-common objections to a life insurance discussion such as, “I have it at work” and “I’m all set.”

Ray is a regular contributor to Advisor Today, which has the largest circulation among insurance and financial services magazines. His work has also been published in GAMMA’s International Journal and Insurancenewsnet magazine. And as an industry speaker, Ray recently spoke at the 2014 Nevada NAIFA state meeting and has spoken at 2007 NAIFA Convention and Career Conference in Washington, D.C., where he received rave reviews from a packed house. He also spoke at the 2008 LAMP meeting in San Francisco, a premier industry event for field leaders in the insurance and financial services industry.

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"Thanks for a great presentation at the Financial Forum in Reno, Nevada! Great ideas."