Cracking the Code to Life
Insurance Sales for the Multi Line Agent
10 Essential Sales Skills to Help You and Your Sales Team Sell Life Insurance

Cracking the Code to Life Insurance Sales for the Multi Line Agent coverThe demand on multi-line reps to sell Life insurance has never been higher. Through my coaching, conducting sales interviews, and accompanying reps on joint sales calls, I've experienced the prospect interviews collected in this book. Many times after sharing these experiences while coaching or during a seminar, I've been told "You should put that in a book!" Well, now I have. The skills, concepts, and knowledge I put forth will help you become a skilled interviewer, build strong relationships, and will immediately impact your Life sales. I demonstrate how to get your clients and prospects engaged in your conversations; how different types of questions help improve the connections between you and your prospects; and how to successfully overcome common objections and close successfully. Whether you are new to the industry or have years of experience, what you'll learn here will be instrumental in building a successful multi-line career.

As a veteran of the financial services and multi line industry for over 30 years, Ray has achieved extensive knowledge and success as both a manager and producer. While building several agencies from the ground up and serving as vice president of sales for a national insurance company, Ray has never veered far from his “producer” roots. Ray mixes a good dose of humor with real life experiences to bring his individual coaching sessions, as well as his training seminars -both in person and by teleconferences, and now this book - alive. The results speak for themselves; “Listening to you made me realize all the mistakes I’ve been making in selling life insurance to my clients” is how one attendee put it. Another called Ray’s workshop “one of the best presentations on how to sell life to my P/C clients that I’ve ever heard in my 16 years in the business.” Ray now brings this to you in this book.
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“Ray’s coaching and field work with both new and veteran multi line agents has not only resulted in many Life sales, but also some of the largest cases in the region.”

—Ken Gallacher, Regional Director, American National Insurance Company 2011–12 President GAMA International

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"You have opened my mind to connecting with people by helping me realize that it's all about establishing an emotional relationship"