Ray's Services

Experienced as a successful producer, Agency General Manager and Sales VP, spanning more than 30 years in the industry, Ray’s knowledge, experience, and skills help individuals and sales teams build highly productive and profitable agencies. Here are some of the ways he can help you:

Performance Coach
One on one and group coaching programs designed to help reps and staff build interviewing and sales skills. Programs molded to individual rep/ agency needs and topics include: use of Open ended Questions, cross selling strategies, handling the ‘call backs’, conducting effective client reviews, and transitioning to Life insurance. Many of Ray’s coaching clients have been working with him continually for over 5 years.

Marketing & Prospecting
Finding new clients is an essential and never ending process, without which reps and agencies can fail. Ray’s methods of conducting event marketing activities in your community have helped many reps and agencies grow their client population. He continually employs these methods today to prospect and build his practice.

Industry Speaker & Author
Ray has been a featured speaker at NAIFA’s national meeting in Washington DC, LAMP in San Francisco, NAIFA State Meetings in W Virginia, Colorado, Nevada; and many local NAIFA meetings. Ray’s articles have been frequently published in NAIFA’s Advisor Today, GAMA ‘s International Journal, and Insurancenews.net magazine.

Ray regularly conducts teleseminars on various topics that help improve performance – cross selling, handling objections, getting into better life discussions with clients, and more. Visit the teleseminar page or more information and upcoming seminars.

Producer / Agency Builder
Currently a producer, Ray’s insights and experiences help agencies deal with today’s obstacles in writing new business and retaining their current clients. As a General Agent for many years, he also provides support and guidance to managers in areas of recruiting, training, performance management, and goal setting.

Ray conducts in person multi-day interactive seminars that help attendees build skills and knowledge in the entire selling cycle – Prospecting/marketing, Interviewing Skills, Handling Objections, Performing Effective Client Reviews, Transitioning to Life Insurance and Conducting effective Life Interviews.

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"Hey Ray - thanks for sending another email to remind me to sign up for your newsletter. Selling insurance has gotten better since I was at the sales seminar - first time in my life somebody had my full attention longer than 10 minutes!!"