"Ray has been a great asset to our office. Specifically, he has provided us with new approaches toward or client conversations. Teaching us how to ask appropriate open-ended questions that are “client specific!” This has given my team more confidence in their daily conversations, especially when they talk about “income replacement.”"

- Tony Hefner, Agent

"My previous State Farm Agent said, “Just ask everyone if they have Life Insurance, you’ll sell a ton if you just ask.” Well after 4 years and asking over 1,000 clients CLOSED ENDED QUESTIONS, my results were just 4 written Life policies. Since I’ve started working and listening to Ray Vendetti, My results have SKY ROCKETED. My confidence has escalated to a level I never thought I would reach. Not only can I start a meaningful conversation, but I know how To listen to our clients’ in order to write Life Insurance that fits their needs, NOT WHAT I THINK THEY NEED."

- Kathrene Brewer

"Conversations are getting much easier. The interview process makes me feel really good. I know what you’re thinking – “what does ‘good’ mean to you? Honestly, I feel zero pressure going into my appointments now. Before I put pressure on myself to sell them something. Now we are just having conversations around what’s important to them."

- Travis Easterling


"I normally hate conferences like the one we had in Texas last week. I usually fight against anything resembling a corporate structure. But I decided to be as humble as possible and realize there are people who are successful and that there is more that I can do. Since being home, I have put your CD in my car and decided to become an expert at asking open ended questions. The result… I got the number from my waitress who is married with two kids, whose husband works in a factory and who said they needed more life insurance. She wanted me to call her. I have set four appointments and had two more. I found a $500 monthly money commitment from a 26 year old girl who wants to retire early. I wrote a $1200 life policy. Basically, thanks. I know success stories always make me feel better. I am sure you know you are right, but I wanted to let you know it didn’t fall on deaf ears. I owe you a dinner. Have a great day."

- Christian Moore, Agent/Owner


"Ray was our 2014 platform speaker for the State’s Annual Financial Forum. Ray’s not just a great and entertaining speaker with terrific ideas but also a MDRT producer with a proven past. As the coordinator of the event it was important to line-up speakers that could inspire, inform and encourage all age groups. Those that are new in the business need different education as compared to seasoned veterans. Ray was able to relate to everyone in the audience and talk to their hearts about what it is we do for our clients. Surveys afterwards supported our decision of getting Ray. He was a HOMERUN HIT!!"

- Blayne Gale, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
 Nevada State NAIFA Incoming President

That was the largest group we ever had on a Frist Friday! What impressed me was not one agent left the meeting during your dynamic webinar presentation, they hung onto every word! Your insight and validation of the training that takes place in Ohio will solidify improvements for years to come.

- The Gergley Brothers thank you!

"Thank you for a great presentation at the Nevada NAIFA 2014 financial forum..."

- john@nvsilver.com

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